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Harmony of Nature: the dream of ESES

Message From the President

We know that knowledge is power. It comes through learning the truth. There is no shortcut to learning; the process is very long and arduous. However, this process begets sublime joy to the learner and benefits to mankind. Joy of learning is universal. The discipline of Physics is dedicated to the quest of knowledge and truth through experiments and quantitative measurements. In this endeavour the mankind has achieved fascinating progress and capabilities.An article


  • Annual Seminars and exhibitions: ESES hold National Symposium at Research level every year with specific aims of each event, keeping in mind the fundamental goal of the Society. Each seminar also includes a poster or model competition session for graduate and postgraduate students for promotion of innovative ideas and thoughts from young minds. From the year 2013 the Society’s annual convention is celebrated as National Seminar on Advances in Electronics and Allied Science & Technology (NaSAEAST) coupled with Science Exhibition/model/Poster completions with any scientific and engineering theme. The entire exercise is aiming to encourage the young scientists and engineers to present their research findings and to expose and motivate the young students for cultivation of work culture and to present a global scenario of scientific activities by the way of focusing on the ways of fruitful pursuits of life inviting them to follow. Recent seminars The NaSAEAST -15 and NaSAEAST -16 were held at GU with chirred patronization from Vice Chancellor of GU.
    Society Journal: International Journal of Electronics and Applied Research (IJEAR) As a further promotion of its academic activity, the society has launched a biennale research journal The International Journal of Electronics and Applied Research (IJEAR), in 2014. The details are available in the heading “journal “of the ESES website.

  • Important Notice Click here.

  • With heavy heart we have to announce the sudden demises of Prof. Ruzhin of IZMIRAN, who had been associated with the IJEAR right from its inception year of 2014. Dr. Ruzhin was the most active and energetic member of the Editorial board of the IJEAR providing good advices in due time to grow the IJEAR to reach the status of today. He would no more be with us to lead the board team, we feel academically poorer now. Dr. Ruzhin, we will miss this year your wonderful New Year Gift of a learned article to our IJEAR, that we enjoy every year. Adieu Dr. Ruzhin.

Important Information

Special Concession in Life time membership and Students Membership.
a). Lifetime Membership (for 10 Years) INR 3500/-
b). Students INR 300/- per annum.