A National Seminar on Electronics & Allied Science and Technology (NaSAEAST-2016) organised by the Electronic Scientists and Engineers Society (ESES), Gauhati University & Beinstain College of Science held during November 4-5, under the Chief patronization of Dr. M. Hazarika, Vice Chancellor of Gauhati university, came to a successful conclusion. The seminar enjoyed overwhelming academic support of scientists from India and abroad, as an outcome of which the ESES in the general meeting held on November 15, 2016 has formally announced to organise and hold an International Conference on Electronics and Allied Science & Technology (IConEAST-2017), in November 2017

The Seminar though set for 2-days, it had to be extended by one day for arranging a Pre-Seminar Meet, to accommodate the interests of the participants. Keeping their interests in view, this session covered detailed discussions on topics related to Electronics and State of art systems for multidisciplinary study specially in Hazard prediction. The discussions on this sessions were based on a few selected invited papers (i) History of electronic Switch: Inception to modern Conception of Prof A.K. Barbara (President ESES), (ii) Microwave: Technology and Application in Industry of Dr. S.K. Sarkar, (Ex Head Radio & Space Science Division. National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi) and (iii) ST Radar of GU: Technicalities and application potentialities presented of Prof. M Devi (Gauhati University, GU). The opening session assembly of 4th November was welcomed by Mr. S. Das, the Convener of NaSAEAST-2015. Honourable Vice Chancellor of GU who was scheduled to inaugurate the Seminar could not however avail himself due to some emergent unavoidable situation . Prof T. C. Deka, Former Head, department of Zoology, GU and adviser to ESES has formally opened the NaSAEAST-2016 technical programme. In his address he stressed that research output must go to the benefit of the people and should not be confined only in papers. Prof. A.K. Barbara, president of the ESES spoke about the ESES, its aims and programmes as well as of the major activities of the Society. In the Key note address Sri. P L N Raju , the Director NESAC, Barapani , had provided a wide view of the research facilities available at the NESAC in areas of Remote sensing, Satellite Communication programme and Atmospheric & Space Science research programmes. Sri Raju also highlighted the role played by the institute in providing Early Warning System of Flood for the worst flood affected areas of the NE. Finally he extended his invitation for collaborative programme from scientists and engineers participating in the NaSAEAST-2016. Dr. Sanjay O' Neil Shaw the DDGM, IMD from RMC Guwahati, had projected in his speech that IMD is not only retaining its basic philosophy of providing weather related information for the benefits to agriculture , but is expanding their activities to research areas, where farmers of today receive modern technological benefits. He also welcomes young participants of NaSAEAST-2016, to share IMD data for fruitful applications . The Session presided by Prof M.P. Bora , Head ,Department of Physics, GU, was concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. D. Chakrabaaty of Handique Girls College, Guwahati .

Each technical session of the conference was initiated with learned Invited Talks from eminent researchers and followed by contributed papers. The invited articles for presentation in the seminar were received from National Research centres like NPL, New Delhi , SAMEER Mumbai, NESAC , Brapani Meghalaya ,Technical & Science Institutes of Japan, North East Hill University , Shillong , Gauhati University , Kaziranga university , IEEE Manipur , ASTEC Gauhati to name a few . The participations of young scientists from North Eastern part of India were overwhelming. The 10 invited and 30 contributed research papers addressed a wide spectra of themes such as, (a) State of art electronic system design , (b) Remote sensing techniques in exploration of causes to current atmospheric changes including natural hazards, (c) New approaches in the design of need based electronic systems and devices, (d) Signal processing and Data Mining, (e) Computational methods in applied science and technology, (f) Nanotechnology and (g) Bio science & technology and (h) Other themes ( those with scientific merits but not strictly within the basic philosophy of the Seminar).

The invited talks presented by Dr. S. K. Sarkar (NPL, New Delhi), Dr. B.R.Barua (IIT Gau.) Dr. K. P. Ray (SAMEER, Mumbai), Dr .Abhijit Sarma (GU), Prof. M.P.Bora (GU) S.S. Kundu (North East Space Application Centre NESAC, Meghalaya , Dr. D. Chakrabarty ( Handique Girls' College , Gauhati) , N. Saxena Bhattacharya (Tezpur University) and others have aroused interest to young scientists and Engineers.

The NaSAEAST also organized an event where the participants were taken to the site of Stratospheric Tropospheric (ST) Radar of GU, a unique facility being created at this university for researchers not only from India but for all over the globe. Prof. Minakshi Devi of department of Physics, GU, presented an overview of the facility which can be utilized by scientists and engineers of many disciplines of Science and Technology when the ST Radar comes into operation within a few months time . She also welcomed young participants for submission of relevant projects for making the best utilization of this system.

An attraction of the NasAEAST-2016 was Poster and Model competition for undergraduate students. This activity was initiated for promotion of innovative ideas and thoughts from young brains. Participants from Gauhati University; Benstain College of Science ; GIMT , Guwahati ; Assam Engineering College, Guwahati and SAMEER , Mumbai displayed their posters and models with some of the themes of NaSAEAST-2016 The Poster & Model competition was formally opened by Prof. P V Koparkar (NEHU). The posters were evaluated by Dr. B. R.Barua (IIT Gauhati) , Dr . M Saikia ( GU) and Dr (Ms) U. Baishya ( Sualkuchi B.M.S. College). Along with poster and model completion, a session on technical exhibition was also organised . The poster from NESAC projected the research facilities available at the Centre along with modern sets of instrumentation that are installed at different location of the NE. The working models that were exhibited by the IIT Guwahati , demonstrating laws of physics, had attracted participants of all sectors. The enthusiasm amongst young participants to learn physics through such models was a great encouragement to the organizers.

The certificate& prizes to the participants were awarded in this session by Prof A. K. Baraba , President of the ESES. Voices of appreciation by the assembly to the youngwinners and participants were loud & widespread. The feedbacks from participantswere very encouraging and based on their response it is decided to publish the presented papers ( at the NaSAEAST-2016 ) in the form of an Edited Book . The Convention came to the end with a vote of thanks offered by Mr. S. Patgiri of GU. The NaSAEAST -2016 organisers offer their sincere thanks to Gauhati University , NESAC, Assam Scientist Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC) Government of Assam, and IDOL , GU ,for their financial support to make the seminar a great success. The contribution from the following members of Physics department (GU) and student members towards the success of the NaSAEAST-2016 was duly acknowledged : Samiran Patgiri (Department of Physics GU/ SAMEER Mumbai ), Bornali Chetia (Department of Physics, GU), Jesmin Zahan (Department of Physics GU/ SAMEER Mumbai) , Kritika Pathak (Department of Physics GU), Dr. Alaka Medhi (Department of Physics, Handique Girls College ), Mr. Abhay Mali (Department of Physics GU) and Mr. Prafulla Chandra Kalita (Department of Physics, GU ).