A report on NaSAEAST-2015

A National Seminar on Electronics & Allied Science and Technology (NaSAEAST-2015) organised by the Electronic Scientists and Engineers Society (ESES) and   Gauhati University during September 18-19 2015, under the patronization of Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University, had a successful ending. The seminar enjoyed overwhelming academic support of scientists from India and abroad, as an outcome of which the ESES in the general meeting held on October 10, 2015 has formally announced to have an International Conference on Electronics and Allied Science & Technology (IConEAST-2016), in November 2016. 

The Seminar though set for 2-days, its functioning it had to extend by one  day of as a Pre-Seminar Meet  to accommodate the interests of the participants.   Keeping their interest in view, this session covered detailed discussions on two basic aspects which are (i) Earthquake  Prediction by using Electromagnetic techniques and (ii) Development  of  electronic systems and devices applicable to social needs. The discussions are based on the three invited papers   (a) Need of Nano Satellite Constellation Mission in Earthquake Prediction Studies   of   Prof. M .Devi (GU) , (b) Complex Hardware-software system for monitoring , detection and analysis  of artificial and natural disturbances in the ionosphere of  Prof V.M. Smirnov, E.V. Smirnova, Yu. Ya. Ruzhin, S.I. Tynyankin and V.N. Skobelkin Kotelnikov IRE of RAS, Innovative Science and Technology Center IZMIRAN, Troitsk, Moscow-142190, Russia ) and Remote sensing Technique : Processes of development and its  state as of today  in exploration of atmosphere and near earth environment of Prof.A.K. Barbara (GU ) . The session also covered presentation of  five contributed papers.

The conference was formally opened on September 18, by the honourable Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University , Dr. Mridul Hazarika. In his speech in the  inaugural session  ,  honourable Vice Chancellor has focussed  on the need of such technical workshops and conferences  where  young scientists and engineers receive a platform of interaction with experienced    academicians and research professionals .  The Vice Chancellor also emphasised to work for  excellence  if we have to stand high in the   global technical scenario. The session was chaired by Prof. Anup BorGohain, the Head of the Department of Physics (GU).

The assembly was welcomed by Dr. Dhritikesh Chakrabarty, the Convener of NaSAEAST-2015 . Prof. A.K. Barbara, president of the ESES spoke briefly about the ESES, its aims and programmes as well as of the major activities of the Society. The session ended with a Keynote address by Dr. S.K. Sarkar of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi.

Each technical session of the conference was initiated with a learned Invited Talk from eminent researchers and followed by contributed papers. The articles for presentation in the seminar were received from National Research centres like NPL, New Delhi, SAMEER Mumbai, Technical & Science Institutes of Russia. The participations of scientists from Eastern part of India like NESAC- Meghalaya , Colleges and Universities  are  encouraging The  10 invited and 27 contributed research papers addressed a wide spectra of themes such as, (a) State of art electronic system design , (b) Remote sensing techniques in exploration of causes to current atmospheric changes including natural hazards, (c) New approaches in the design of need based electronic systems and devices, (d) Signal processing and Data Mining, (e) Computational methods in applied science and technology, (f) Nanotechnology and (g) Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The presentations of papers were distributed in eight Technical Sessions.

The invited talks presented by Dr. S. K. Sarkar (NPL, New Delhi), Dr. B.R.Barua (IIT Gau.) Dr. K. P. Ray (SAMEER, Mumbai), Dr .Abhijit Sarma (GU), Prof. M.P.Bora  (GU) S.S. Kundu (North East Space Application Centre NESAC, Meghalaya , Dr. D. Chakrabarty ( Handique Girls’ College , Gauhati) , N. Saxena Bhattacharya (Tezpur University) and others have aroused interest to young scientists and Engineers.

Visit to Stratospheric Tropospheric Radar Site:

The NaSAEAST also organized an event where the participants were taken to the site of Stratospheric Tropospheric (ST) Radar of GU.  Prof. Minakshi. Devi of department of Physics, G.U.,   presented an overview of the facility which can be  utilized by scientists and engineers of many disciplines of Science and Technology when the ST Radar comes into operation within a few months time. She also welcomed young participants for submission of relevant  projects for making best utilization of this facility.

Poster Session:

An attraction of the NasAEAST-2015 was Poster competition for undergraduate students. This activity was initiated for promotion of innovative ideas and thoughts from young brains. The convener Sri Partha Pratim  Nath of the Poster Session welcomed the participants and the competition  was formally  opened by Dr. B. Nath, Principal, Beinstein College of Science, Guwahati. The posters were evaluated by by Dr. Abhijit Sarma and Dr. S.K. Sarkar. The first prize was won by a team from the Pandu College, Guwahati while the second and third prizes had gone to the Beinstein College. The wining presentations were respectively, Laser Emitting Diode, The Oceanic Coral Belts and The Black Hole.

The Convention came to the end with a vote of thanks offered by Dr. Kalpana Bora of the Physics Department, GU. The NaSAEAST -2015 organisers offer their sincere thanks to Gauhati University and Assam Scientist Technology and Environment Department, Government of Assam, for their financial support to make the seminar a great success.The contribution from the following members of Physics department (GU) and student members towards the success of the NaSAEASR-2015 was duly acknowledged:
Mr. P.C. Kalita (Department of Physics, GU), Alaka Medhi (Department of Physics, GU).  Subrat Das (Department of Computer Science, GU), Samiran Patgiri (SAMEER, Mumbai), Dr. Hirak J Goswami (NITS, Mirza), Runmi Athparia (Department of Physics, GU), Kritika Pathak (Department of Physics, GU), Bornali Chetia (Department of Physics, GU), and Himangsu Das (IITG).