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International Journal of Electronics and Applied Research (IJEAR), is a part of the academic wing of the Electronic Scientist and Engineers Society (ESES), a peer-reviewed Journal. Initially aimed at promotion and dissemination of information in Electronic Science and Engineering, the most important areas of public interest. Subsequently, the society had enlarged its scope of involvement in other disciplines associated with the field of electronics. The ESES contributes in initiating research through publishing books of science relevant to the aims of the Society. As a further promotion of its activity, the society has launched a research journal the IJEAR.

The IJEAR welcomes the authors to submit their original research papers related to state of the art electronic circuits & systems and application oriented research relevant to electronics, physics and associated disciplines covering the following topics:
1. State of the art Electronic system design and application (LIDAR, DIAL, SODAR, SONAR, Wind profiler, RADAR, Satellites, Sensors, Microwave based Medical & Mass utility systems.
2. New approaches in design and working of basic Electronic circuits and systems.
3. Approaches and methods for Identification/Prediction of Natural Hazards like Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic eruption and Cyclone.
4. Signal processing and Data mining; speech & image processing; DTW; neural network; Botnet detection etc; Statistical data analysis.
5. Understanding on Physics and dynamics of the atmosphere and near earth environment towards better predictability of climatic modification; aerosol - cloud interactive processes: observations through remote sensing systems, model and analytical computation.
6. Space Communications and System Physics & Dynamics.
7. Coupling Processes between Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Troposphere-Lithosphere.
The acceptance of paper will be notified after reviewed by international process of referring.

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