Important notifications:

i) The NaSAEAST-2019 invites research papers from scientists, engineers, academicians, researchers and industrialists on the following themes:
1.State of art electronic system design and application: Future potentialities towards fundamental and applied research.
2.Remote sensing techniques in exploration of causes to current atmospheric changes including natural hazards, like earthquake, worst weather situations etc.
3. New approaches in the design of need based electronic systems and devices applicable to social interest.
4. Signal processing.
5. Digital Communication and Networks.
6. Data mining.
7. Machine Learning.
8.Computational methods in applied science and technology.
9. Nanotechnology.
10. Bio-Science & technology.
11. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
Special emphasis of the seminar is on "Hazard: Monitoring, Prediction and Prevention." Download the Brochure. HERE