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    The research community of the Electronics & Atmospheric Physics of Gauhati University (GU), and the members of the Electronic Scientists & Engineers Society (ESES), assembled at the University premises, to offer their deepest condolence to the bereaved family of Dr. Yu. Ya. Ruzhin of IZMIRAN Russia, who breathed his last on September 22, 2020. The assembly offered their heartfelt sorrow and anguishes at the sudden demise of Dr. Ruzhin. He was remembered by the gathering as an extremely active and energetic scientist who had been for many years deputy director of IZMIRAN and the head of the scientific direction "Ionosphere and propagation of radio waves " to the day he was with us all . His pioneer work of development of methods for detecting ionospheric anomalies - earthquake precursors, instrumental and methodological developments rocket and satellite experiments with artificial injection into ionosphere, development of methods for satellite radio tomography of the ionosphere, will remain as the ever treasured assets for the global scientific community. The members of Gauhati University offered homage to Ruzhin, the distinguished scientist who had been with this research community for the last two decades, as a very supportive well-wisher. Prof Minakshi Devi highlighted the academic and technical contributions of Dr. Ruzhin to this research group and as how through his brilliant scientific thoughts and active guidance, the two Indo-Russian projects, achieved the goal of success. The final mournful touch of the event was offered by the ESES members who have recalled the supports, encouragements and guidance received from Dr. Ruzhin in all-round activities of the Electronic Scientists' and Engineers Society along with his valued academic contributions to the International Journal of Electronics and Applied Research, the IJEAR, that have paved the way in achieving the scientific accomplishments of the Society. To the Society, it is a big loss and the members resolved to keep his memory alive through his advices, contributions and learned articles which will remain as ever green. To offer deepest respect to Dr. Ruzhin , the beloved member of this research & ESES family and an icon of scientific mind & thoughts, the congregation observed one minute silence & a prayer to the Almighty "Let the eternal Peace prevails on the departed Soul".

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