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    A one day seminar on "Signal Processing"

    President ESES, Prof. A.K. Barbara, declared the opening of the Seminar. Dr. Hrishikesh Chokraborty (right) and Dr. Abhijit Sarma (left) were sharing the happy moment.

    Seminar concludes with the participation of the members in the National anthem ["Oh more aponer desh .... Enekhan .... sikuni desh" {oh my beloved mother land ..... how beautiful you are .. }"]

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    Workshop on Electronic Experiments

    Basic Aims : The electronic laboratories require skilled persons. The demands of such persons are very high in design and development laboratories. Growth of such quality requires tuning of once mind set just at the young age especially in hand on tool practices and system understanding while working with a job. The workshop has these objectives in mind. Therefore, starting with the introductory lab-practices like on simplest screw-driver, the workshop covers modern intelligent tools and instruments. The need of accuracy in recording any parameter like voltage, current, frequency in system will be demonstrated through relevant test and measuring devices. The course starting with the design of simple electronic gadgets like power supplies, oscillator will finally provide how methodological approaches could make the system intelligent and reliable. Similar teaching modes will be adopted in the design of logic based systems from universal gate like a NAND, to adder and counter units. The practical training will gradually move from passive and discrete active components to IC devices suitable to the undergraduate students. The course is framed to help students and learners to face the electronic lab with confidence. The cpoise was convened by Mr.P.C.Kalia of Departemnt of Physics, GU and Dr.A Medhi of ESES ans Mr S.Patgiru of ST radr Gu acted as resource persins. Ms Hiramini Kalita aof DK collge and Mr. Abhay Mali helped in the programme as supporting staff.Advisor Around 50 studnts from different collges from ASssm took part in thetraning program. The programme being highly laboratory oriented was found to be very effective as one student from university of Lei cester,UK of Course I , requted organisder for participation in course II training programme .

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    Particiapnts and a few members of organiseation at the programme